All-New Auxiliary Fuel Tank Option for HDTR Model

White Bear Lake, MN - (February 10th, 2015) Roadsmith was pleased to announce an all new auxiliary fuel tank option at the V-Twin Dealer Expo in Cincinnati, and at the Minneapolis Progressive International Motorcycle Show this past weekend. The new option will be of upmost importance to the true touring trike rider, featuring a full 3-gallon fuel capacity and separate filler neck allowing for long distance range and rapid fill. The system also features an “on-the-fly” transfer system, with the push of a button, all 3-gallons can transfer to the main tank in a matter of minutes.
























To operate, push the provided accessory switch on the handlebar to the "on" position. Both lights will illuminate indicating fuel is being transferred from the auxiliary to the main tank. Once all the fuel has been transferred, one light will go out indicating all the fuel has been successfully transferred and the switch can then be turned to the "off" position. There is an automatic shut-off for the fuel pump when there is no longer fuel in the auxiliary tank.




























This new option is poised to not only allow the rider to go the extra mile, but more importantly offer a peace of mind knowing that fuel will no longer limit the adventure. The auxiliary tank retails for $799 and is designed for the 2009 and newer Harley-Davidson based trike conversions for the HDTR model.