AccuRide Auto-Leveling System 

The Trike Shop is proud to announce the introduction of a new option for your Roadsmith Trike conversion. This convenient new option, aptly named AccuRide, is an auto leveling system that adjusts the suspension for various loads via Progressive Air Shocks. Using a magnetic sensor and an on-board compressor, AccuRide knows exactly how much to "air up" or "air down" the shocks depending on the load. This allows your Roadsmith Trike to always be at the correct ride height, with no need for manual adjustment. We figured since your Roadsmith comes with a spacious trunk, and a built-in receiver hitch for towing, why not utilize those options to their full potential, without having to worry about manually adjusting the suspension?

Whether you’re cruising down to the store for a gallon milk, or have a full load touring across country, load it how you desire and ride worry free without sacrificing ride quality.

Available for select Roadsmith Trike conversions.  (click picture to enlarge)

Magnetic Sensor